Carers Direct

If you are a carer please let the practice know.

Contact Carers Direct

0808 802 0202

Helpline Information:

[email protected]

Office Hours:
Lines are open 8 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday, 11 am to 4 pm at weekends. Calls are free from UK landlines.

Non-urgent advice: Information and Support

There is a wealth of information on NHS Choices about carers and caring. Below are some links into the site that we hope you will find useful.

Caring for a parent – Watch this video on caring for a parent at home.

Telling people – Caring responsibilities can make it difficult to maintain friendships or develop new ones. Telling your friends you’re a carer is important so they understand and can support you.

Taking a break – Caring for someone can be a full-time job, but it’s essential that you take time out for yourself too. Read our guide to accessing breaks and respite.

Housing and carers – Do you know your tenancy rights as a carer? Are you aware of all your care at home options? Do you need tips on moving someone around the home?

Finance and Law

Benefits for carers – Directing carers to the benefits that can help them in their caring role.

Benefits for the person you care for – Advice and information on helping the person you look after getting the benefits that they are entitled to.

Death and benefits – How your benefits maybe affected after the death of the person you look after and what happens to their benefits.

Managing someone’s legal affairs – Advice for when carers find they have to take over the legal affairs of the person they are looking after.

Other benefits – Advice for carers and the people they are looking after on claiming a whole host of other benefits unrelated to their disability or caring.

Personal and household finance – Advice on keeping a tight rein on household and personal finance for carers.

Social fund

Tax credits – Information on claiming tax credits and whether you might be eligible.